Landscape & Building Guidelines


The approval process includes a compulsory pre-council assessment stage administrated by the Design Committee (Provincial Land Developments). Residents will need to obtain approval from the Design Committee before applying to local authority for building approval.

The process you will go through to get the necessary statutory approvals to build a house at The Tillage is the same process that applies when building a house in newest development areas in New South Wales. Most new development areas require house plans to be reviewed for compliance with design guidelines.



The steps in this process are as follows:


Review Council DCP (or complying development) requirements, and The Tillage Design Guidelines requirements.


Analyse the site and develop design. You can contact the design committee for feedback and advice prior to preparing full documentation, which may save you time later.


Prepare plans in accordance with the DCP (or Complying Development) and The Tillage Design Guidelines.


Submit home and garden plans (including driveway/paths) and material selections to the Design Committee for approval or amendment.


Submit Development Application and Construction Certificate to the relevant approval authority/certifier (Goulburn Mulwaree Council).

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