Spotlight on Goulburn!

Spotlight on Goulburn!

Located in Goulburn - The Tillage is a boutique estate in a town that overflows with Southern Tablelands country charm and character! Living in the Goulburn area encourages balance in all aspects of your lifestyle - not just your property. As it’s only an hour from Canberra and a few more to Sydney, you have more time to enjoy the best things in life; quality time with family and friends, surrounded by your favourite activities.

We’ve put together our most-loved things to do while you’re out and about and embracing your Goulburn lifestyle at The Tillage.


Try a local beverage

Goulburn is located in wine country so if you haven’t already, it’s definitely the place to head out and try local wines and ciders! You could even meet a few local winemakers and quiz them on their craft and have a chat over a cold glass of their favourite brew. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, head into town to hit up a grand country pub - where you know the drinks are always going to be cold!


Visit a local market or attend a food festival

If beverages don’t hit the mark, then the local produce for sale at the markets is sure to! The Goulburn area is famous for its quality local produce, fresh fruit, vegetables, local honey, jams and even olive oil are always up for sale at any of the local farmer’s markets. Travel half an hour out of town in May and you’ll hit the be all and end all of food festivals - the Pumpkin Festival! This colourful country festival showcases local produce, lots of colour, imagination and celebrates the rural way of life!


Embrace the local music and the art scene!

The local Goulburn area is rich with a vibrant arts and musical culture! The Goulburn Regional Conservatorium hosts students of all ages and there are always local performances to catch! Or be sure to embrace the annual Australian Blues Music Festival in February. The Blues Festival showcases the very best of emerging and established home grown Australian talent, all right in Goulburn’s own backyard. If art is more your thing, then the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery offers a diverse range of exhibits that locals love to visit and hosts regular activities that you can get involved in.


Goulburn proves that the you can have it all; the location and convenience without having to compromise on your favourite activities.


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